Libsimclist - Turned Into A Shared Library

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From time to time at work we have used simclist, but unfortunately not as a shared object to reduce space. Enjoy!

To install it

wget <a href="http://www.pacificsimplicity.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/libsimclist-1.6.tar.gz
cd">http://www.pacificsimplicity.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/libsimclist-...</a> libsimclist/
make install

C Pointers and Addressing

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One of the most potentially confusing, but powerful tools in the C programming language is the amount of control and flexibility a developer has over memory using pointers. Here are a few things that I think every aspiring dabbler or beginner should know about pointers and memory at least at a layman's level.

I don't aim for this article to be 100% exhaustive, but to provide a quick reference or supplementary material for those learning pointers in C.

Libconfig Reading and Editing/Writing C Tutorial

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One of the best libraries I've stumbled across for libraries (minus glib) is Libconfig. It provides a nice way to read in, manage and edit configuration files in a simple unified way - my favorite feature of all is that my config files will look consistent! Its fairly well documented, but actual step through tutorials and explanations need a bit of work. Here are two example functions that should help you out:

Explaining Sockets and Terrifying You With C

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One of the things any aspiring security professional or network admin should know is - what is exactly a socket and what do they do?. This is tutorial is a different approach that I have been toying with on how to best explain to beginning IT or security students who are just beginning, but have no experience using "low-level" languages like C. One of my esteemed professor's once said: "God intended us to program in C" and I believe that today's programmers should begin with a language which will teach them responsibility.

Get libnetfilter_log AND Working Examples For ULOG and NFLOG

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One of the things that bothers me about the oh so glorious Opensource is the lack of updated examples. Sure there is the "you-can-read-the-code" yourself attitude, which I find has a repugnant and arrogant odor to it... or the smash your head into the keyboard attitude until you figure it out. Thankfully, I did the smashing and realized that the ULOG and NFLOG examples in the libnetfilter_log code are incorrect.


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