Colored printf messages in Linux

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If you have ever wanted to have colored printf statements for easier debugging - look no further

printf("%c[%d;%dmColor Me!%c[%dm\n",27,1,33,27,0);

Starting with the parameter - 27, this initiates the coloring. The rest of the parameters are (attribute);(fore color);(background color).

Text attributes
0 All attributes off
1 Bold on
4 Underscore (on monochrome display adapter only)
5 Blink on
7 Reverse video on
8 Concealed on

Ministry of Sound Radio Station for Linux Rhythmbox

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I became a little tired of having a browser window open when listening to some of my favorite music so I gave Rhythmbox a shot.  This was a fresh install of Fedora 16 and needed some tunes.

Add Ministry of Sound to Rhythmbox

To add Ministry of Sound radio to your radio list, perform the following:

Fedora Subversion and Tortoise Howto

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In the developer’s world today, a common collaborative area is needed for developers to share code. Recently subversion has become the rising solution for this, which has all of the features of its predecessor CVS (Concurrent Versioning Systems), and more.


Fedora 7 - basic install 512 mbs ram
2.4 ghz processor
8 gigs harddrive

Network Information:

IP address:

Subnet Mask

Fedora Bind Howto

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Berkeley Internet Name Domain is the most commonly used DNS server on the Internet, especially on Unix-like systems, where it is a de facto standard. Supported by Internet Systems Consortium. BIND was originally created by four graduate students with CSRG at the University of California, Berkeley and first released with 4.3BSD. Paul Vixie started maintaining it in 1988 while working for DEC.

Iptables Tutorial

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Ip Tables, Linux's built in firewall, but more accurately its refered to as iptables/netfilter. Iptables is the userspace module, the part where the user interacts with at the command line to enter firewall rules into predefined tables. The other half is Netfilter, is a kernel module, that actually does the filtering.

CentOS 5.1 MySQL Master- Master Replication

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In a database driven enviroment, it is important to ensure that the database has a zero downtime. Typically, end-users rate their service providers on uptime and disaster rsponse. In this howto, you will configure a MySQL Master and Master enviroment which allows database information to be replicated to more than one source.

The Servers:

  • Server1(Adama)
  • Server2(Starbuck)

Basic Preparation:

Centos 5.1 Chrooting SFTP using SCPonly Installation

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Verify/Install the following

Configure Your Installation

Navigate into the directory in /tmp where you extracted scponly.

Configure with the bellow command:

./configure --enable-chrooted-binary


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