Troubleshooting Raspberry PI Serial Output

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One of the interesting things that I recently discovered was that the serial interface or at least the GPIO pins that would provide a serial console is NOT as straight forward as it should be (I mean really? Serial is somewhere around retirement age if electronics could age as humans).

I have learned that only thinking about a problem will not solve it; so I started digging into it by verifying that my brand new Raspberry Pi B+ was actually working. Here were my troubleshooting steps:

  • I installed a new clean image of Rasbian onto a brand new and working mini-SD card; I even verified the hash sums using sha1sum
  • Plugged it into my TV using HDMI & added a USB mouse/keyboard combo - it booted and worked

For the next few hours I hunted around the internet for reasons as to why it is not working; there are hundreds of posts stating no serial port or do this and that. However, before hunting around into the depths of configuration - I still need to verify two things:

  • The pins are actually working (I learned this in my brief stint in IT; check the cabling stupid)
  • Verify that the USB to TTL adapter is actually working (still unknown at this moment)

To verify the GPIO pins, I scouted through my hardware box and grabbed the following:

  • 3 female to male wires
  • 2 LEDs of different color
  • 2 330Ohm resistors
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