Bash Scripting - Recursive MD5sum On Files In Directory

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Recently, I wanted to get the MD5sums of all of the files with a specific extension in the current directory and create a hash sum file for each. This was achieved using the following Bash script.


# Get a list of files in a directory without the .md5 extension
# Note the ticks
LIST=`find . -name "*.txt" -a ! -name '.md5'`

Remote Logging Using Syslog And Logging Shell Commands Remotely

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While trying to come up with a simple keylogging solution that provides remote logging, I came across a pretty good solution of using the audit package and altering bash.

One of the problems I came across was that many of the keyloggers could not log any commands sent through a SSH connection - this does on Fedora anyways.

Edit /etc/rsyslog.conf and uncoment this line:

vi /etc/rsyslog.conf

*.* @>/code>

<b>Note: this is where the remote server is.</b>

Install and run the following:

<code>yum install -y audispd-plugins pasacct

SSH Password Attacks - Block IP Script

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Running SSH and some script kiddy or attacker is running a username/password dictionary against it?  This script might help:

# ----------------------------------
# Author: Ron Brash
# March 1st, 2011
# Purpose:
# Add offending IP from failed SSH connections
# to the iptables (firewall) rules.
# ------------------------------------

## Explaination

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