Quick script to generate XML for each network interface

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# @file statistics.sh
# @author Ron Brash (<a href="mailto:ron.brash@atlantsembedded.com">ron.brash@atlantsembedded.com</a>)
# @date Jan 2017
# @purpose Collect network interface statistics and other information and output
# it in XML format instead of arbitrary formatting


Loading and Save Highscore XML/IsolatedStorage Tutorial

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To display and high scores in XNA, we must first create a format to store the high scores. Then the high scores need a place to be physically stored. Unfortunately, there are two different methods for XBOX and Windows (possibly Windows Phone7 too).

Using the following includes which can be trimmed to your specific needs, I used the following - note that the system.io.serialization, will have to be imported as a reference in your XBOX project file.

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