Writing An Ebtables Match Module Tutorial

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One of the biggest problems I have had when working with Linux and other open-source projects is the lack of up-to-date documentation. Some projects go to great lengths to modernize documentation and others don't at all which results in the project being forgotten. Netfilter Xtables modules while in use on almost every system, seem to not get the polish they deserve for tutorials, examples and updated documentation.

C Pointers and Addressing

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One of the most potentially confusing, but powerful tools in the C programming language is the amount of control and flexibility a developer has over memory using pointers. Here are a few things that I think every aspiring dabbler or beginner should know about pointers and memory at least at a layman's level.

I don't aim for this article to be 100% exhaustive, but to provide a quick reference or supplementary material for those learning pointers in C.

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