OpenDiameter 1.0.8 EAP-FAST Contributor

Well I finally finished my merger of an insane amount of derelict code to the monolithic project OpenDiameter. Unfortunately, I could not obtain the rights to actually create a new package, but the SVN is updated with the latest code including an OpenSSL patch.

In truth, I am extremely thankful for this project, but humbly tired and ready to move onto another. Here is why, despite many lessons learned:

  • Learned Autotools and their benefits for a project maintainer
  • Discovered the pains of persons using unstable and changing APIs for external libraries
  • Discovered even more pain when programmers use C++ inheritance incorrectly and everywhere
  • Confirmed my desire to write clean, optimized and well designed applications - especially when future changes or adaptations seem likely
  • Compiler errors/warnings when C/C++ code is incorrectly written by others
  • The importance of documentation - see my blog post

Any ideas on other projects?